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About "Aim High: How to style your life and achieve your goals"

Fashion is full of highs and lows. We’ve become experts at blending the two together—a Gucci belt with a blazer from Zara, a Chanel bag with an old pair of Levi’s—but fashion is so much more than what you wear, how you look, or how much money you spend.

In Aim High, style savant and fashion expert Sydney Sadick delivers an important message for women everywhere: what you wear on the outside can influence who you are and how you feel, and help you live a more meaningful life.

At just 26, Sydney has experienced enough fashion highs (and lows) to last a lifetime. Combined with her experience interviewing some of the world’s most coveted celebrities, designers, and stylists, she uses her insider knowledge and candid voice to break down fashion like you’ve never read before.

Sydney goes behind her scenes, from the blog that started it all (created at 1 a.m. from her college dorm), to the first time she interviewed a celebrity (Rihanna, who else?), to every wardrobe malfunction and challenge in between.

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