January 17, 2012

Sydney’s Vintage & Trendy Touches

I have a dream today is the simplest, yet my favorite line from Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have A Dream speech. Whether we
January 8, 2012

Sydney’s Pop Of Alexander McQueen

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful in NYC. Although it felt more like spring, (kind of scary) it was a nice break from the constant “bundling
December 7, 2011

Sydney Goes “Riveting Rose” For The Met

New York City is getting busier as the holidays are getting closer: packed department stores, elbow bumping along Fifth Avenue towards Rockefeller Center and lines to
November 12, 2011

Sydney’s Last Day In Ithaca

The food in Ithaca is what I’ve found to be most appealing.  Although a small town, (but which some consider to be a little “city”) the
November 11, 2011

Sydney’s Outfit To Ithaca

When leaving NYC yesterday afternoon to go to Ithaca, NY, the weather was still exquisite: sunny, warm, and beautiful.  A perfect Fall day.  However, I looked
October 17, 2011

From Sunday Attire To Work Attire

Mondays: busy streets starting at 8am, black pencil skirts, venti coffees, handsome men in suits,  juicy Page-Six write ups, and hundreds of emails. Goodbye blue jeans and
October 4, 2011

Sydney In Central Park

One of the most amazing parts about living in New York City is Central Park.  I try to take as much advantage of it as